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MULTIFIBREScombines rigor and expertise, managed, for more than 3 decades, meeting the expectations of its customers through its ability to listen and adapt. This allowed him to enhance its global expertise and thus underline its pursuit of professional excellence and its commitment to development.

While offering a wide and diverse fabrics, MULTIFIBRES provides individual attention and a single goal: to always be in harmony with its customers.

MULTIFIBRES, more than 30 professional employees fully implemented and concerned, plus a touch of creativity increasingly important to meet the expectations and taken any decision of a demanding clientele.
MULTIFIBRES has various marketing and storage sites in order to make available to its customers and partners, a pleasant and organized working environment.

MULTIFIBRES also has an extension of its premises in the industrial area of a local Lyssassfa 1500 sqm on 5 floors to storage, marketing, delivery also with a creative department and expanded development and a larger show-room.
The aim is to facilitate access, parking, loading and unloading of goods to offer our partners a pleasant working atmosphere.


Founded in 1986, MULTIFIBRES SARL, import company, distribution and trading of textiles has always been recognized in the market by the quality of the products it offers, through continuous development and the constant search for new models.

MULTIFIBRES remains to this day the market leader: Innovation and continuous creativity.

The secret of its success is the commitment to its customers, but also with foreign partners, where the trust has been established over decades of work: reliability and will to move forward together.

Its dynamic team brings its expertise to provide best execution of customer requests in the smallest details.

It applies to take care of its image and supports the constraints and requirements of its customers.